The maintenance secret recipe of cany art furniture

The rattan furniture in Chinese furniture is a kind of woody wind in the wood. This rattan furniture is getting more and more like it. How should it be maintained?

Almost all furniture can be made with rattan, such as beds, sofas, coffee tables, etc., as well as some outdoor furniture that can reflect the leisure and pastoral style, such as hanging chairs and rocking chairs. The small and simple flower stand, the patchwork wardrobe, the well-defined bookshelves, the magazine basket, the lamp holder, the champagne rack, etc. all make people love it.

From the armrests of the cane chair to the backrest, the fine weaving is consistent with the beautiful curves, while the rattans of different thicknesses emphasize the leisurely rhythm and change in the progressive arrangement, making it more refined and smooth, reflecting the rattan designer. Perfect creativity and superb craftsmanship.

What gives poetry to rattan furniture is its color. Silver-gray serenity, bronze romance, reddish brown, black mystery, all addictive, and those who only painted a layer of clear lacquer, maintaining the original style of rattan furniture, show the beauty of simplicity .

● The weather is dry, the vines tend to become brittle, and in severe cases, they can cause breakage. Therefore, it is very important to hydrate the vines often.

● Cleaning should not be washed with ordinary detergent to avoid damage to the rattan. It is best to use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to scrub. After cleaning, it should be placed in a cool place to dry naturally. Avoid exposure to avoid discoloration and cracking of the paint. For rattan core products and finer gaps, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean up the hydration.

Simply wipe the rattan with light salt water, not only to decontaminate, but also to make the rattan soft and elastic. Mould caused by long-term dampness, wipe the moldy parts with a soft brush, and expose it to sunlight for 30 minutes. The surface of the rattan skin is scratched, and the scraped parts are waxed with car wax.

From the above, it can be seen that the difference with the European garden furniture appeared there. Although it only talked about the maintenance method of the rattan furniture, it can be seen that the requirements of the European garden furniture are different. This is also the European furniture. The obvious difference from Chinese furniture.